Charles Marshall


As a cofounder of the Cosmic Grooves Charles has a love for community and for alternative physical, emotional and energy therapies. He also runs and operates thesoulmechanic, which is a life coach program.

Charles has dedicated his life to helping others become their physical, emotional  best and  loving Soul possible. His classes, lectures and books focus on opening the heart and living a life from the Soul's unfolding perspective

Being a therapist since 1999, Charles has honed and focused his skills  on teaching, lecturing, holding workshops and coaching, with specialization in Esoterical Energy, Knowledge and Work on spirituality and, that which is beyond spirituality.

Charles has published five books and is the innovator of Electrical Theology(C) and The Soul Mechanics(C) programs.

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Lori McCoy Starr

life coach, nutritional advisor, Wellness Advocate

Lori Starr has been a licensed massage therapist since 1994.  She has practiced massage in California, Arizona, and North Carolina.  

The Cosmic Groove Massage developed as a means to share her love of massage therapy with the Asheville community.  As the initial massage therapist of The Cosmic Groove, she feels a special connection with the clients who have supported the business since the beginning.  

Creating an environment where massage therapists are able to express their unique talents while also providing quality affordable services to the community was and still is an important factor in the business operation. 

Although you will not find her doing much hands on massage therapy these days, she continues to educate herself in all healing modalities.  In 2018, she will be offering yoga classes at the Hendersonville location along with a variety of workshops and seminars for those interested in the various arenas of health and wellness.  She will also be offering wellness coaching/advocacy at the South Asheville/Arden location.   She is an emerging force in the health and wellness field.

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